Document Preparation For Rapid Credit File Cleaning

USADPS is now offering its Rapid Credit Clean document preparation service for sale to selected individuals and business owners.
This is an accelerated credit wipe process that removes inquiries, negative accounts, charge-offs, collections, student loans and any other events on a credit report that the client wants removed in about 14-30 days!
All the items are permanently removed from the client’s credit file. This is a 100% done-for-clients program and we do not need any involvement from clients other than enrollment information.
This document preparation program was especially designed for people who have determined that their credit files contain items that need to be removed.
This process has been perfected over several years now and our clients have been getting fast results on every file. See screenshot proofs below of actual summaries from the credit bureaus and monitoring services showing before and after credit profiles.
The entire process typically takes only about two weeks to complete, although monitoring services lag behind as many as 2 more weeks.  There are no limits as to how many files can be removed at one time – see the proof shots to show how many we get removed with a single dispute. 
This is a exact process that must be completed in a structured format.  This is what our team of paralegals do for our clients. 

Experian Report with Score – Client Example #1 Before Credit Wipe Generated: June 26, 2018

Three Bureau Report with Score – Client Example #1 After Credit Wipe Generated: July 10, 2018
Complete Credit Wipe in 14 Days!

Three Bureau Report with Score – Client Example #2 Before Credit Wipe Generated: April 16, 2018

Experian Report with Score – Client Example #2 After Credit Wipe Generated: April 29, 2018

All Late Pays and Accounts in Collections Gone in 13 Days!
Note: Remaining 4 Inquiries were for loans actually applied for and granted so they were not disputed and removed from the report.

Experian Report with Score – Client Example #3 Before Credit Wipe

Experian Report with Score – Client Example #3 After Credit Wipe

Complete Credit Wipe in 20 Days!
Note: Account showing late was left on file on purpose because of long-term positive payment history other than the one month late.

Here is another success story! Three negative accounts gone in 10 days:

Same account, report pulled on August 2, 2018.

Note: The one late account was left on because it was a 60-month auto loan in good standing other than a couple of late pays.

Transunion and Equifax Proofs

Dispute Letters mailed July 16, 2018 and these screenshots were pulled on July 30, 2018 – 14 days! Transunion

Note: Equifax was not showing any inquiries prior to dispute.
These credit card accounts were all over two years old and were all either charged-off or in collection. They were all removed from reports with a single dispute in just 14 days.

Transunion Negative Accounts Removed in just 6 DAYS! Dispute was mailed on the 16th of August and the letter on the next page was sent from Transunion dated August 22.

Nine Inquiries also disputed on the 16th – all removed on the 22nd!

About Us

We founded our business on the belief that everyone with a credit issue should have affordable options when creating a better situation for themselves and their families. Our paralegals have many years experience in document preparation credit and debt issues. DPS Resource is different than other document preparation services, in that our team of paralegals are passionate about their jobs and even more passionate about helping our clients succeed.

When we founded DPS Resource, it was with the understanding that we are here to serve individuals in all walks of life. We strive to make our services affordable to our clients. Our plans fit all budgets to build you a portfolio of documents that will help you get through a difficult time.

The culture at DPS Resource is founded on support. Our staff is excited about continuing to develop new systems that will benefit you by saving money and improving your results paying particular attention to changes within the credit bureaus, the FCRA and available advances in technology.