Sample of DPS Documents

The examples shown here are just a few of the large variety of state specific documents we have available. We enjoy helping consumers fulfill their document needs and we do so with integrity and in a timely fashion.

About Us

We founded our business on the belief that everyone with a credit issue should have affordable options when creating a better situation for themselves and their families. Our paralegals have many years experience in document preparation credit and debt issues. DPS Resource is different than other document preparation services, in that our team of paralegals are passionate about their jobs and even more passionate about helping our clients succeed.

When we founded DPS Resource, it was with the understanding that we are here to serve individuals in all walks of life. We strive to make our services affordable to our clients. Our plans fit all budgets to build you a portfolio of documents that will help you get through a difficult time.

The culture at DPS Resource is founded on support. Our staff is excited about continuing to develop new systems that will benefit you by saving money and improving your results paying particular attention to changes within the credit bureaus, the FCRA and available advances in technology.